For newborn/sitter and 1st birthday.

For family sessions and groups of more than 5 people sessions will be held outdoors only

Dear Clients,

your health and health of your babies is the top of our priority, and it always has been. Due to the resent Covid-19 outbreak we will be implementing new/improved studio policy to assure the safety of all of you.  Although most of those things we do on a regular basis some new rules will be implemented. Scroll below to see what we are doing.

  • All props with hard surface are sanitized with disinfectant product ( such as Lysol or Clorox) 

  • All outfits, wraps, blankets are washed before and after every session

  • Studio is thoroughly cleaned before/after every session

  • Sessions will be limited to one a day ( or one every 24 hours)

  • An Ozone Machine will be run before/after every session to sanitize the air in the studio.

  • A hand sanitizer will be available upon entry in the studio, please feel free to use it.

  • We ask that you follow the Government suggestions of the mask wearing or face coverage when you are outdoors.

  • We will also ask you to remove your shoes/ or put on the shoe covers ( that will be provided to you by us)

  • I will be wearing a mask for the duration of the session ( don't be alarmed it is just s precaution) 

Dear parents as we are trying to o everything we can to provide a sanitary environment for your family we also ask you for couple of things

  • Please, if you or anyone in your family are not feeling well, contact me ASAP to reschedule your session

  • Limit the amount of people you bring with you to immediate family only ( spouse/children)

  • Before your newborn session please limit your exposure to others.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We can not wait to meet you and your loved ones in our studio!

Coming Soon......

Look into our studio

PropShop- all our props/outfits/backdrops will be photographed and available for you to browse

Behind the scene newborn session..... Supper excited about this one.



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