Newborn Session

Everything you want to know.

Picking a photographer for your newborn session is not a walk in a park. You want to make sure the photographer you chose is knowledgeable as well as experienced in newborn photography, because you will be trusting her with your little bundle of joy.  Here is a little insight about things before you session.

-When is the best time to book your session?

-I generally recommend reaching out to the photographer of your choice when you at at the beginning/middle of your 3rd trimester. You would pre-book your session based on your date, and the date will be adjusted when you actually deliver.

- When does the session actually happen?

-The best time for newborn session is the very first 14 days of your baby's life. they are generally more sleepy and more flexible to get them into those cute sleepy curled up poses everyone adores.

-What if baby comes early?

-professional newborn photographers know that baby's arrival is very unpredictable, and usually there is a time slots for those times, to make sure we document this precious and quick time.

-How long is newborn session?

-Newborn session can be several hours. The time includes feeding breaks, changes and just getting your little one comfortable in the position. Safety is my number one priority, and i take my time making sure your little one is in a comfortable and safe position.

-Should i bring any outfits/things for the session?

-My rule of thumb is, if the item/outfit have sentimental value, then yes, please bring it with and i will make sure to incorporate it in the session sets. But you don't need to purchase  anything specific. I have a full studio filled with outfits, wraps, props and backdrops for you to chose from.

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