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Did you just found out that you are pregnant? Or you are near the end of the pregnancy and can not wait to hold your sweet little bundle of joy? Or you just had your baby and are trying to adjust to a new life as a parent? Whatever stage you are in, a big CONGRATULATIONS to you. As many have already told you, and I am sure you know it yourself, bringing new life to this world and growing your family is such a beautiful and big milestone.

Between worrying about your baby's well being, getting all the things you might need and just trying to enjoy this stage in your life as much as possible, I‘m sure that an extra expense of newborn photography is not something you might think about, but let me tell you why you should...

Lets take a small step back and remember your wedding day, the love you and your spouse shared and celebrated that day with the presence of your family and friends. That occasion was heavily photographed by your guests as well as a professional photographer that you hired. For many years to come, you can look back, and remember all the details like it was yesterday, why would you not want the same for your baby? S/he is little for such a short period time, from the day you brought the little bundle of joy home to the first month, they grow and change so much and in so many ways that you can’t even believe it. Between sleepless nights, feedings, diaper changes, chasing, cleaning, worrying, they are growing, mamma, and time does not slow down, in fact it feels like it is flying by. One morning you will wake up and they are graduating high school and getting ready to leave for college.

You might say that nowadays with the smartphones and cameras we have accessible, we can take pictures ourselves any time we want. True, but, will you be in front of the camera with your little one?

Invest in your memories, because once they are grown, photos are the only thing you will have left. Get in front of the camera, hire a professional who will create beautiful portraits and heirlooms for you to pass down to your children and grandchildren, so not only you can remember but they can as well.

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