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Studio maternity session is one great alternative to an outdoor session. If you are hoping for a pregnancy photo session ( once covid-19 quarantine is lifted) but not sure which road you would like to go here is some pros for the indoor studio photo session.

- Well first and most obvious it is in-doors. Lets be real for a minute, pregnancy takes a big toll on our body, and if we don't have to move much from one location to another and avoiding those swo0len feet why not. ( especially if session is in the summer) Plus studio session does not depend on the weather, other people walking around you and bugs flying around. And let not forget about heating and cooling system that we just love.

- Studio pregnancy sessions have more classic and timeless look. Although i love outdoor sessions, i have to admit, there is something absolutely magical about an indoor session. The whole attention is on you and your cute bump.

- You can choose the dramatic styled look or soft and timeless, or have both at the same time.

-Also as a bonus we have an amazing makeup/hair artist in the house who stays with us during the session making sure you look flawless and have slightly different looks throughout the session.

-Oh by the way we also offer maternity gowns to use for your session, just let us know that you are interested and we will send you the gallery with everything we have available.

Over all, there is a beauty in any setting you may chose. Studio session offer a bit more comfort, if you ask me. And to be honest, looking back at my pregnancy, comfort was all i craved, especially in the final months.

We love bringing your ideas to life, just shoot us a message and we will get back to you asap.

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