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Congratulations, You are expecting your little miracle, because little babies are just that! You have waited for the day to welcome your baby your whole life, and now your are on your way. Most of our big milestones we tend to document it with a professional photographer, and why not. Would you trust your uncle Bob to document your wedding? Possibly, but in most cases you turn to professionals, because you want this day to be documented perfectly. So why not do the same for your baby. You are entering a new chapter of your life "Parenthood" and it deserves to be documented and they will never be this little again!


First and foremost is style of the photographer. With newborn photography there is several ways you can go, and its really depend on your preference, so lets dive in in what are your options:

-There is a "fresh48" session- pretty much what it sounds like, the session is usually takes place in a hospital ( or the place where you delivered) withing the very first couple days of your baby's life. there is no props, or special poses. this session is usually capturing your little baby, as well as the family as a whole for the very first time. If you have older children, capturing their reaction seeing their sibling for the first time, holding the baby and all the feeling of overwhelming love.

-A lifestyle Newborn Session- a session is taken place in your home, there is usually no props, or special posing. Baby is usually photographed with the family together with some solo shots. Your home will be used as a backdrop for your photos, as well as the photos more interactive, less posed.

- And last but not leased Posed Newborn Photography. This style of photography involves the use of props ( such as baskets, buckets, wraps, outfits, backdrops) and special equipment( and i am not talking about camera) and light to get the consistent results of posed portraits. Besides having an "eye" for design photographer also needs to be properly trained in handling newborns, and have knowledge in safe posing, at the end of the day you trusting them with your most loved, cherished, and new human being, wouldn't you want the person to know what they are doing?

After you figured out what style you leaning more toward, you can start narrowing down photographers in your area. Make sure you review their portfolios, and you can and should ask to see one or who full galleries, to make sure you are satisfied. You want to be able to TRUST your photographer, so set up a phone consult, or even a meeting if possible. And of course, don't forget to heck the reviews. Also a tip, if found the photographer you love, make sure to contact them couple months before your due date, to ensure they have availability for you.

Magnolia Valley Photography offers Posed Newborn Sessions as well as Fresh48 and newborn lifestyle sessions. Lets talk and see if i can bring YOUR vision to life.

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